Business Supply Solutions

2DV is a visionary and innovative specialist offering a multitude of consumables, materials, services, and product supplies to end clients.

With our experienced progressive in-house team 2DV is built around the foundations of offering tailor made solutions focussed on quality of client service, allowing you to focus in on your customer quality and staff efficiency.

We are not just a supply company, we are experts in business analysis and supply solutions.

What Do We Offer?

2DV offers a complete total spend control and procurement management platform.

2DV represents the first cloud software to cover the entire procurement process from end-to-end.

Unlike other systems in the market it offers a complete package of solutions including:

  • Purchase-to-Pay,
  • Strategic Sourcing,
  • Contract Management,
  • Supplier Management,
  • Spend Control,
  • Order Management

It utilizes the latest cloud computing technologies to promote accessibility and collaboration between stakeholders, taking into consideration

individuals with minimal experience and no technical background.

2DV will provide monthly, quarterly, and annual In-depth data analysis reports.

Each report will provide key information for effective implementation of some of the industries most effective cost saving measures to insure maximum profitability.


Simply we are focussed on client relationships and cliental success. Each client is given a personal experience from beginning to end with a dedicated 2DV account representative to help support you through all key transitions within business growth and profitability.

2DV has an incredibly strong supplier base – We have sourced and built some of the closest personal relationships with key suppliers and built a base for improved economies of scale.

Our service and operations provide unrivalled end to end customer service experience meeting all required SLA. In addition our products offered are the best in the industry however we have a dedicated division that are constantly looking to identify and improve product offering and assortment. Finally our 2DV website and app provides ultimate efficiency and accountability for a one stop shop ordering and reporting solution saving a copious amount of time and money for clients as well as all but eliminating discrepancies while improving client stock control and waste.


2DV will provide a seamless and personalised business management and supply service. We are an innovative one stop shop to help improve efficiency, all round business cost reduction and field competitiveness, all through encompassing top end analytical data reporting.


Our objective is to provide a professional dedicated and ultimately personalised service to our clients.

2DV will be monitoring and identifying ways to improve efficiencies in overall ordering and delivery processes for each client.

Our aim is to improve product and material assortment stock as well as product ordering through effective and targeted pricing