Safeguard procurement data

Assign each user their roll according to your purchasing workflow. You just get to only see the features that are enabled on their account. They get a customized view on the dashboard and only access parts of the software that apply to them. Eliminate the clutter and simplify tasks to insure everyone gets to play the role within the process.

  • Manage user permissions to structure your procurement teams
  • User Permissions Overview
  • Empower your procurement teams

User permissions establish everyone’s roles within the procurement process so you can effortlessly master delegation. These permissions can be customized for every user, so your entire team stays focused works efficiently, and is able to meet deadlines in a stress-free manner. Tasks are completed faster and with greater precision when everyone understands their responsibilities.


A roll configured to make the requisition placement process quick and easy. Requisitioners can submit new requisition forms at any time for review by managers who will receive automated notifications on the system and or through email. 


Focus on tools and updates used for receiving and processing deliveries after orders have been placed. Review purchase orders and invoice details as goods are received to verify that a two-way match between what was ordered and what was received is aligned.


Do you approve the roles offer a convenient way for designated users to manage their required approvals on one or more workflows. Approval requirements can be activated based on a wide range of criteria and multi approvers throughout different hierarchy tears can be assigned.


Key purchases a wide range of tools and options, including the ability to update supplier and item details create new source in events, and manage purchase orders. Receive color-coded status updates on all documents as they move through the purchasing process.

  • Unique rolls for improving every teams procurement workflow
  • Administrator

Structure the system to meet the needs of your procurement process. Configure user permissions to develop clean workflow dashboards for each member of your procurement team, and deliver automated reports to selected stakeholders in the company.

Accounts payable

Provide a dashboard for entering and verifying accounting details. Review purchase order information to establish a three-way match with invoice data, confirm the orders are associated with the correct GL accounts, and set up integrations to automate the AP process.