Group uses and connect locations

Dedicate procurement tasks and empower your team with the rights purchasing tools. Companies with buyers in a variety of locations can operate with ease when taking the bondage of branch in departments for multi level management. Group your users into departments assign managers and allocate budgets for each. Connect all your company Locations on the one system.

  • Structure multi level purchasing with a flexible
  • Procurement Management System
  • Multi level management overview
  • Personalized approach to the purchasing process

On/off features control per user ensure that procurement can be customized to suit the needs of your business to TV flexibility results in the elimination of complications in the purchasing process which promotes higher efficiency and improved performance. It doesn’t matter if the people involved work in the same type of department or in different countries day-to-day operations are effortless intuitive and well-managed.


Project level management

create and manage and document procurement process is and budgets of every project. Use it from multiple branches can be assigned to the same project to facilitate collaborative planning. Access purchasing details from the project dashboard to receive real time status updates.

Branch level management

Empower your procurement team with the tools I need to configure to manage their workflows branch managers can be authorized to sign users rolls Categorize supplies and items, create departments, and much more from a convenient administrative dashboard.


Department level management

Add it to your workflow system by structuring your procurement process at the department level. Teams that focus on purchasing certain goods and services can be assigned a custom categories and reports are in the science department manager and purchaser.

User level management

Configure access levels and dashboard use for each use it in the company based on the requirements of their procurement row. Assign Manager to take over and configure the settings for the individual teams, allowing complete control over teen workflow management.

A procurement system with tools for every level of management

Company level management
Company owners, decision makers and procurement strategies need access to transparent spend data in order to make affective choices. 2DV is the perfect way to track, manage, and report company procurement activity on a regular basis using one system.